If you are looking for a driving school that will prepare you for the challenging roadways of today for a very reasonable price, you have found the right one–Bass Driving School, LLC.

Bass Driving School is an excellent, licensed, well-established driving school in a safe, clean neighborhood.  It is owned by Christians who are retired educators.  We would love to help you become an even more competent, confident, and caring driver. Contact us today at 318.687.7034 or drlrbass23@gmail.com.  You may register and pay online. Simply go to bassdrivingschool.com. 

Welcome to Bass Driving School, LLC located in Shreveport, LA and serving Northwest Louisiana.  Coach Bass has been in the driver’s education business for over 18 years, and Dr. Linda Ruth Bass has been a certified teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools for over 30 years. Emily Bass Nycum is a Louisiana State certified instructor with a degree in Journalism/Public Relations and a talent for communicating with students of all ages. We make a great team to help each student to become more confident, competent, and caring drivers from the age of 15 years and up.

Our world-class curriculum, certified/experienced instructors, and top-notch behind-the-wheel driving experience make us the premiere driving school in Louisiana.

Louisiana law mandates that each student 15-17 years of age take the 38 Hour Basic Driving Course in order to get a driver’s permit/ license.  We offer this course as well as the state-mandated 14 Hour Pre-licensing Course for those 18 years of age and older.

We are also a Louisiana Certified Road Skills Tester, which means you take your driving test with us rather than the DMV (new state law). Not one–but three– of our instructors are certified to administer the Road Skills Test.

Having safe highways is very important to Bass Driving School, LLC.  Therefore, we go above and beyond to produce the best drivers in the state!

We would love to help you in your drivier education needs. Please see our schedule of classes on this website. For your convenience, you can register and pay online.

CONTACT US TODAY at 318.687.7034.


Driving School Association of Louisiana Member
Driving School Association of Louisiana Member