Teen Driver’s License Course (38 Hour Course for 15-17 Year Olds)

30 Hours of Classroom Instruction + 8 Hours of One-on-One Driving

Price: $550 (Money Order, Debit/Credit Card, or PayPal)

Traditional face-to-face classes are usually held from 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M. on 4 scheduled class sessions. The state-mandated Parent Orientation is scheduled prior to the first day of class.

We are presently only offering face-to-face classes.

We are a certified 3rd Party Testing facility and will administer the Road Skills Test to your student. We use our licensed vehicle and insurance for this test.  Note:  The OMV does not administer the Road Skills Test to those taking the class from a private driving school.  

Our 30 hour class includes:

  •  9 detailed lessons that teach in-depth laws, signs, and safety rules that are integral to being a safe, defensive driver.
  •  Degreed/certified/experienced instructors who enjoy working with teenagers
  •  Constant learning environment that fosters confidence in each student
  •  Reviews after each section to ensure students understand the material
  •  Practice tests and the final examination.
8 Hour Behind-the-Wheel Instruction:
  • Driving instruction tailored to each student’s individual experience and capabilities.
  • Each student drives one-on-one with the highly trained instructor for 2 hours each day for 4 driving sessions.
  • The student’s driving experience and training will gradually increase in difficulty from rural, highway, interstate, and city roadways.
  • The ROAD SKILLS TEST is administered for 17 year olds or after a 16 year old has held his/her permit for 180+ days.
  • We are blessed to have an experienced, excellent staff who takes the job of helping each student to be more competent, confident, and caring on today’s challenging roadways very seriously.