Road Skills Test Registration

The Road Skills Test is for students that have met one of two criteria:

#1- They are 17 years old prior to application of their first license.

#2- They are 16 AND have had their permit for 180+ days.

If this describes your student, then please complete the required information below to take your Road Skills Test. The fee for the Road Skills Test is $40 plus $10 for use of our certified vehicle and instructor, insurance, gasoline, etc. It is due when you take the test. Please bring a money order for the $50 on the day you take your Road Skills Test.

Road Skills Testing Registration
  • The Road Skills test is a $50 charge that is due the day the test is given. The $50 charge covers the test fee as well as administrative, insurance, use of vehicle, and instructional fees associated with preparing and administering the Road Skills Test.