Road Skills Test Registration

A student is eligible to take the Road Skills Test when they meet the following criteria:

  1. The student is 17 or 18+ and have passed the classroom portion and behind the wheel portion of their 38 or 14 hour course.
  2. The student has had their permit for 180 days AND is 16 years old.

Please register below and we will contact you soon with a scheduled time and day.

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Student's home address:
If you are 17 or 18+ and already have a Road Skills Test scheduled following your fourth driving session, please list that date here.

Registration Payment

Price: $50.00
The Road Skills Test fee is due when you are scheduled to take your test. We do not take this fee ahead of time. Please bring $50 cash or Money Order/Cashier's Check with you to your scheduled day and time and give to your driving instructor.