Driving Information

If you have already registered for a driving course with us, we thank you! After you have passed the 6 hours (18+ year olds) or 30 hours (15-17 year olds) of classroom instruction, you will start your behind-the-wheel portion of the class.

We schedule driving based on your schedule. We have three certified drivers who provide excellent driving instruction for our students.  The more available you are to drive, the quicker you will be driven. For example, if you are only available to drive on Saturdays, then it will take you longer to drive than if you can drive Monday through Friday.

**STUDENTS ATTENDING HIGH SCHOOL** Great news!  We pick up students after school from most high schools.  There is no extra charge for this service.

** ADULTS**- We normally drive you during our morning driving slots from 8-10 AM, 10-12, and 1-3 PM  while the teens are in school. This gets you driven more quickly. Pick-up and Drop-off will always be at Bass Driving School.

We will need each student to complete a Driver’s Availability Form prior to their class and bring it with them on the first day of class. We will e-mail these to you with your confirmation e-mail.